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GrabBee-AV FAQ
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP 

Why doesn't the GrabBee–AV properly work?
A1 :
If you are having a problem with GrabBee - AV does not working, you should connect GrabBee–AV to USB 2.0 port of your computer and check Device Manager first.
This will often solve many issues you may be having with the product.

Q2 :
Why can’t my system detect the GrabBee-AV?
A2 :
(a) Check to see you’ve enabled USB 2.0 in the motherboard BIOS setup.
(b) Please make sure that your system has the latest USB 2.0 host driver.
      For Win XP, please upgrade to Service Pack 2 or above.

Q3 :
Why can’t I see video display?
A3 :
(a) Perhaps your video system setup is incorrect; please check your
     hardware connection and choose the correct Video Format
(b) Please make sure your system has the latest USB 2.0 host driver.
     For Win XP, please upgrade to Service Pack 2 or above.

Q4 :
Why does the system show “High Speed device plug into Full speed USB port…”
A4 :
(a) Please make sure your system support USB 2.0 hardware port.
(b) Please make sure that you’ve installed USB 2.0 Host driver already.

Q5 :
How can I get minimum number of dropped frames during video capture?
A5 :
The best recording performance depends on your computer system performance, but you can also take some steps described below to improve your performance.
(a) Try lowering the resolution format you record.
(b) Enable hard disk drive DMA ;
     Go to My Computer->Control Panel -> System -> Hardware ->
     Device Manager->Disk drives to setup.
(c) Try and keep more available free space in the hard disk.
(d) Use a hard disk drive with speed of more than 7200 rotation per minute
(e) Disable Power Management in BIOS.
(f) Disable Power Saving mode of monitor.
(g) Close unnecessary/unused programs in your system.
(h) Defrag your hard disk.
(i) Try not to run other program(s) during recording.

Q6 :
I can preview video but when recording, the system crashed/hanged.
A6 :
(a) Please make sure you’ve install DirectX 9.0 or above.
(b) Your VGA card driver may be incompatible with DirectDraw, please update
      your VGA driver.
(c) Too many programs might have occupied available memory.
(d) Please lower your hardware acceleration; you can go to
     My Computer->Control Panel->Display->Settings->Advanced to adjust it.

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